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melon and mint granita

Oh, the days of ocean puddles of drool, a case of the grumpies and chewing on anything that doesn’t move. Yes, we have reached the nasty days of teething. Mia has two molars coming in at once and I am desperate for a big towel to soak up all of this drool and anything that will help her get through this (ahh, so that’s what the ShamWow is for). Since I can’t rally give her an ice-cube to chew on I made granita for the little bear and it was a success! It’s an easy recipe that can be made with

pears vanilla

This is one you will want to double up on. If pears are popular in your house as they are in mine it will go fast! For example I thought I made enough yesterday to last a couple of weeks and when I turned around half of it was gone. This is also a great topping for french toast and ice cream. (As I’m writing this I keep hearing my father-in-law saying, “warm that up with a little brandy, pour it on some homemade ice-cream and that’s all you’ll ever need!”–for the adults only of course…I’m just saying) Roasted Pear


As a mother, father, or grandparent, let me ask you a question. If there was any shred of evidence that the produce you are giving to your child had the chance to give them ADHD would you still feed it to them? That seems to be the question everyone is asking themselves this week after a new study was released stating the possible connection between pesticides and ADHD. The study published in the journal Pediactrics states children exposed to organophosphates a type of pesticide found in commercially grown produce are more likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than children with less