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strawberries, mango, banana

This is a great and simple puree to have on hand to serve plain or added to oatmeal, yogurt, and smoothies. It’s so good in fact I made extra and made myself a smoothie. Why should the babies have all the fun, right? It’s recommended that babies should not have strawberries until the age of twelve months due to the possibility of an allergic reaction. Strawberry, Mango, and Banana Puree {12 months +} 1 1/2 cup strawberries (around 12 strawberries) · strawberries are on the “dirty dozen” list, buy organic if possible 1 cup mango (1 large mango) 1 banana Peel mango

spinach and sweet potato quiche

To save myself some time in the morning from cooking everyone’s breakfast I spent about thirty minutes and cooked up a batch of theses, spinach and sweet potato quiche. Mia has mixed emotions about these. You have to catch her in the right mood for her to really enjoy these. She would rather have scrambled eggs but I think it’s a texture thing. This is more of a toddler food and she’s at that in-between stage. So I needed a second opinion and who did I go to? The neighbors baby and she liked them so it’s a go. Spinach

When I was organizing my photo archives the other day I noticed in every “Mia” archive there is if not one but several photos of Athens, our cat, somewhere in the frame. There’s a story between the two of them that I will never understand apparently. They are pretty much inseparable. He follows me to her room first thing in the morning and he’s stuck to her for the rest of the day unless he’s hanging out with his brother outside or in my closet. I never thought that cats could react this way towards people. He’s my first cat

Holy crap these are good! With a inspiring suggestion from Momadom, I made these sweet potato pancakes this past weekend and everyone loves them. Pancakes are nothing new of course, but this recipe is a good twist on the everyday American pancake. Plus, it’s a sneaky way to add vegetables to everyday food for your baby, toddler, teenager, husband and so forth. Of course, now my husband wants me to make them every weekend. Good thing I made extra and froze the rest but honey, when you run out here’s the recipe. You know your way around the kitchen. By

This is one of Mia’s all time favs. It is a stage 2 food if you use the egg yolk and a stage 3 if you use the entire egg. butternut squash and egg breakfast {for baby} stage 2 or 3 food you will need: 2 cubes (or 2 ounces) of butternut squash puree · see post: simple purees for baby 1 egg or egg yolk (it’s recommended that egg yolks be given after 8 months and whole eggs after 12 months) pinch of Italian seasoning without salt · rosemary, oregano and thyme (optional) whole milk or formula Defrost butternut

i'm a what? a SAHM. what's that?

0 | January 14, 2010

Before I say anything further let me say that I love what I’m doing now. It’s completely different from working a normal job (you get days off) but I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world! Having that said, day by day I am becoming a SAHM. Wait what? There’s a label for this? As so many of you have taught me recently, yes, I am a SHAM. A bran stinkin’ new stay at home mom. Even though my baby is 15 months old she didn’t come home from the hospital until she was 6 months old and

simple purees {for baby}

0 | January 14, 2010

All the baby food on this blog is fairly self explanatory. Just simple recipes that I have researched, put my spin on or want to rely to anyone who wants to read. It’s nothing new. Especially this next one. The basis of all baby food. The stage one puree. It’s here just incase you need it. Simple Baby Food Puree For this example I’m using butternut squash but pretty much any stage one food that needs to be cooked will do. For example: sweet potato, apple, carrot (don’t use any leftover water with carrots because of the nitrate level), peaches,

I ran out of blueberry puree for Mia and she is now holding my cat for ransom. Poor Athens. I dropped everything I was doing (so laundry will get done later, woo hoo I lead an exciting life these days, a lot different than the days at the magazine or being on tour with my husband in his musician days la la la….enough rambling) what was I saying, oh yeah, I dropped everything and threw this together. She’s old enough now that I mix this with yogurt or a protein. It’s good even if your baby is pass the stage

I roasted a pork tenderloin last night and had enough left over to make Mia some too. Since I knew I was going to do this today I did not do anything fancy to the pork. I just seasoned a  pork tenderloin with a small amount of extra virgin olive oil and a small amount of rosemary and garlic and placed it in a 425° oven for 25 to 30 minutes or until it reached 155°. Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Potatoes and Peaches {stage 3baby food} 1 cup of cubed cooked, cold pork tenderloin 1 cooked sweet potato 1 cup

I finally got in the kitchen today to cook. This was the plan yesterday but a little girl had different ideas. Somedays I get more done than others and thankfully that was the case today. As for yesterday…. I started off putting her in a toy car thinking this would keep her occupied for at least 30 minutes. So wrong. Then I thought, maybe if she had something to do while I cooked. Yes that’s it. She can put away the dishes. So, not the brightest idea. Didn’t think she would actually crawl into the dishwasher. Maybe if I just

Since I’m making Hatch Chili Chicken Stew today I decided to make extra chicken for some baby food. There are many different ways I cook chicken for Mia and this is just one. I use chicken thighs because they have the most nutrition and iron. Apple Thyme Chicken and Rice {stage 2 or 3 baby food, depending on texture} 5 Chicken Thighs 1 to 2 Small to Medium  Organic Gala or Macintosh Apples Peeled, Cored and Diced or 6 oz Organic Applesauce 1/2 cup Cooked Brown Rice (Uncle Ben’s makes a 90 second microwave package that is super easy and

When it’s still hot in Texas at the end of August I start to crave stew. Not any stew. Hatch chili stew. For two weeks starting August 31, hatch chili season begins here and the smell of roasting chilies at the store drives me into the kitchen. Well it’s January and the wind chill outside today is 12°. Enough said. Although there are not any fresh roasted hatch chilies in sight there are two cans residing in my pantry. Good enough. Today is hatch stew day in the Steele house! You will need: ideally 1 Whole Chicken, quartered , but